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Desperate Crossing

Salem Witch Trials

Conflict Ignites I & II

Founding Fathers (Samuel Adams, John Hancock, John Adams, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, & Thomas Paine)

Boston, Bloody Boston

Lexington & Concord

Washington's First Success

Talk of Independence

Crossing the Delaware

Battle of Saratoga

Monmouth Courthouse

Arnold's Treason

Siege of Charleston

Yorktown & End Game

Founding Fathers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison)

Constitutional Convention

Presidents (George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe)

Louisiana Purchase

War of 1812

Presidents (John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William henry Harrison, John Tyler, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, & Abraham Lincoln)

Trail of Tears

Mexican American War

Civil War

America the Story of Us Video Notes





Civil War




Class Activities and Assignments

1-02 Burial of the Stamp Act

1-03 Crispus Attucks- Boston Massacre

1-04 Haym Salomon- Jewish Patriot

1-05 Knox Trail

1-06 Colonies Throw Britain

1-07 Declaration of Independence

1-08 American Crisis- Thomas Paine

1-09 Abigail Adams- Bread for Boston

1-10 Francis Marion- Swamp Fox

1-11 Deborah Sampson- Female Soldier

1-12 Conwallis Surrender at Yorktown

1-13 Battles of the American Revolution Map

1-14 Paul Revere's Ride, Yankee Doodle, & Concord Hymn

1-15 Chester Song

2-02 Jefferson's Freedom of Religion Act

2-03 Northwest Territories Map

2-04 Plans at the Convention

2-05 Temple of Liberty

2-06 Problems With Articles of Confederation

2-07 William Patterson- Plans for Government

2-08 Mercy Otis Warren- Against the Constitution

2-09 John Adams Thoughts on Government

2-10 Federalist 31 & Antifederalist 34

2-11 Antifederalist Brutus

2-12 Patrick Henry- Orator Full of Contradictions

2-13 James Madison- Quiet Politician

2-14 David Redick- Debating the Constitution

2-15 Robert Yates- Debating the Constitution

2-16 Essay V- Debating the Constitution

2-17 Henry Knox- Debating the Constitution

2-18 Bill of Rights- Debating the Constitution

2-19 George Washington- Debating the Constitution

2-20 David Ramsay- Debating the Constitution

2-21 Debating the Constitution

2-22 Ratification of the Constitution

2-23 Ratifying the Constitution Map

2-24 Announcing the Constitution

2-25 Constitution Reading- Enlightenment Political Thought

2-26 Constitution Reading- Colonial Governments

2-27 Constitution Reading- Structure of Government

2-28 Constitution Reading- Bill of Rights

2-29 Checks & Balances

2-30 Constitution Questions

2-31 Electoral College

2-32 National Government Cartoon

2-34 Washington's First Inaugural Address

2-35 Nationalism to Sectionalism

2-36 Factory Girls & Flogging Molly

2-37 Election of 1800

2-38 Caught Between Britain & France

2-39 Marbury v. Madison

2-40 Louisiana Purchase & Exploration Map

2-41 Sacagawea

2-42 A Watchful Eye

2-43 Relocation of Natives Map

2-44 Felix Grundy Calls for War Against Britain

2-45 Dolley Madison

2-46 War of 1812 Packet

2-47 Battle of New Orleans

2-48 Star Spangled Banner

2-49 Spoils System

2-50 Splitting Apart Enslaved Families

3-02 Post Office Attack 1835

3-03 Annexation of Texas

3-04 Margaret Fuller- First American Feminist

3-05 Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

3-06 Charles Francis Adams- Britain Remains Neutral

3-07 James Buchanan Considers Annexation of Texas

3-08 Lyman Beecher- Second Great Awakening

3-09 Thomas Weld- Second Great Awakening

3-10 Reform Era

3-11 Southwest Expansion

3-12 Republic of Texas Map

3-13 Annexation of Mexican Lands

3-14 Davy Crocket Song

3-15 San Patricios

3-16 Mexican-American War Map

3-17 Western Trails Map

3-19 Settlers Oppose Slavery

3-20 Nation Splits Apart

3-21 Dred Scott Case

3-22 David Wilmot

3-23 Sojourner Truth- Abolitionist

3-24 Harriet Beecher Stowe

3-25 Uncle Tom's Cabin

3-26 Calhoun & Webster Debate

3-27 John Brown's Raid

3-28 Antebellum Cotton Exports

3-29 John Crittenden

3-30 South Secedes

4-02 South Secedes Map

4-03 Civil War Map

4-04 Breaking the Rebellion

4-05 Southern Volunteers

4-06 Stonewall Jackson

4-07 Clara Barton- Red Cross

4-08 Stand Watie- Native Americans in the Civil War

4-09 Mathew Brady- Photography of War

4-10 Southern & Northern Reactions to the Civil War

4-11 Mary Ashton Livermore- Outbreak of War

4-12 Charleston South Carolina

4-13 Battle of Shiloh Map

4-14 Causes of the Civil War

4-15 Emancipation Proclamation

4-16 Battle Hymn of the Republic

4-17 Dixie

4-18 Fighting 69th- Dropkick Murphys

4-19 Irish Volunteer

4-20 Gettysburg

4-21 Gettysburg Address

4-22 Lincolns Second Inaugural Address

4-23 Johnny Reb- By Horton Johnny

4-25 Carpetbaggers

4-26 Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

4-27 I'm A Good Old Rebel

4-28 Reconstruction Map

4-29 Freedmans Bureau

4-30 Civil Rights Cases- Racial Discrimination 1883

4-31 Interview With William Jones- Vigilantes

4-32 Reconstruction Acts

4-33 Ratification of 14th Amendment Map & Chart

4-34 David & Goliath- Election of 1872

4-35 Thaddeus Stevens- Radical Republican

4-36 Robert Ball Anderson- Homesteader

4-37 Lucy Webb Hayes- First Lady

4-38 Testimony of Elias Hill- KKK

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